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 You may remember seeing this vintage pattern once before right here: The Thimberlina! 

It is the other fabric and trim I bought on the Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up in April. Luckily, this fabric is not blemished in any way and was nice to sew and is lovely to wear. 

I used the same pattern again and this time decided to use the trim in steps down the front. I once had a dress my sister bought me and I always liked the front. I also knew I could end up with a whole fleet of blouses exactly the same!! Remember the Lotties!?!?! 


Anyway, I made it exactly the same way as The Thimberlina, and pinned and measured the trim before sewing it on with a small zig zag stitch. I bought a matching cardigan and hey presto a great Summer outfit.

This colour makes me feel like I should be eating ice cream!! 

Fabric: 1 metre of soft cotton £4.00

Notions: 1 yard of polyester lace £1 from Dewsbury market 

Wonky Factor: 6/10.. It’s too short for me if I stretch up!! 

Amanda 💝