So you may already have read here about the decision to showcase our makes from the Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up a few weeks ago, arranged by Ali. I wrote about it here .Sadly, I had gone early to collect BM (Blog Manager) from work, when in the pub, they all decided to blog post whatever we had bought! 

I laughed and laughed when I found out as I had bought a £2.00 ball of dishcloth cotton!! A colleague at school has just bought their first home so I thought a knitted dishcloth would be a good handmade gift…..they are the best dishcloths to own I think!

So BM and I had a think about what I could make instead of a dishcloth! 

This made us laugh and laugh! Perhaps not!

I decided to stick with the original plan, and the dishcloth was made (actually I made 4!! )but knew  it was going to be worthy of it’s own blog post! So as well as knitting, it had a pretty crotcheted edge too.

Here they are ready to distribute.

It was half term for us this week and also my birthday. Here is a coaster I got as a gift……very true!

I had a lovely birthday with my family.

This is the end of the dishcloth post!! 

Hope you enjoyed it!

Amanda 💝

Wonky Factor : 10/10 how  can a dishcloth post not score the ultimate?

Dishcloth wool from Dewsbury market £2.00