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Well, last week I showed you my lovely top I sewed for my Yorshire Spoolettes meet up. I had to leave slightly early  to collect BM ( Blog Manager) from work. Whilst in the pub the remaining Spooletes decided that everyone should post something they made from the visit…………..a great inspired idea?????

Look what I bought………

Hahaha…..yes a ball of dishcloth wool! A colleague at work has just got his first house so I decided a hand made dishcloth could not be beaten and when I saw a ball of it on Dewsbury market I snapped it up!! 

So BM has been busy thinking of other makes instead of a dishcloth blog post!! 

Even if I could sew/ crochet this……I’m never modelling it!! 

So watch  this space in three weeks time…….or maybe not!!!!! 

And a Happy Valentines Day to everyone. This year BM and I are decorating the fireplace to complement the month! 

Amanda 💝