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My project for June slightly over ran… But no worries as it is for my friend Ita’s leaving party in 2 weeks. I made a shift dress from the lace fabric and then decided to line it.



The material is quite stretchy but nice to work with. I used a zig zag stitch . As it has a beautiful border I had to be very careful with the length of the dress when I cut it out. The material draped so beautifully I decided it had to drape somewhere so cut 2 scarves with the lovely edging at the bottom.

Once I had sewn the lace shift I was not happy with how it looked on the Body and decided I needed to line it properly. Scary moment…. Lining is all new to me!


Luckily the lining was very easy and made a difference. However I had such brain ache trying to work out how to get the lining sewn on around the neck and right side under the lace!
Finally worked it out! I then sewed on the scarf and it looked great until I tried it on! It was so floppy it looked terrible! But I preserved and did some draping and then some hand sewing. I added a button to finish it off! I decided against the original bow idea as it was getting too bulky !

I am really pleased with the finished dress.