Thank you for reading my blog this year! Hope you all had a great Christmas.

I made myself a new outfit for Christmas Day from a pattern I got ages ago- Burda 7175. I love how it is very Jackie Kennedy and when I got this boucle from Weaver Dee I knew it was perfect for this pattern. The pattern worked out to be really big when I had cut it out so I had to take the sides in quite abit.  

I really love all the details on it like the slits and self covered buttons. I put my buttons in a different place to the pattern just because I preferred them there. 
And how many people try to climb trees on Christmas Day??? The BM was not best pleased with me. But, she came around as it is Christmas! 

I love to see what everyone else gets up to in their house on Christmas Day…..so here is what happens in mine!

If you are wondering about my Mam- she has a terrible cough and so everytime we made her laugh she almost choked! Tom didn’t get his hair cut in time for Christmas so he is showing off a man bun!!! 

Have a very Happy Christmas everyone!

Amanda 💝

Pattern : Burda 7175

Notions: two concealed zips 7 inch (skirt) and a 16inch (top), two self cover buttons, 2metres blue boucle.

Wonky Factor: 7/10 I love it, it’s very comfy but it doesn’t look as good as I hoped on the photos!!!