Last week we found out that we were going to be PART  of an OfSTED inspection and I was going to be observed observing!! I’ve done the PART in capitals in case anyone is dubious about my professionalism!! We were a pixel in a digital photo ! So I had loads of time to sew!!! 

I decided I definitely needed a new dress and it spurred me on to get some sewing done once more.

I know my blog is quite boring as I keep sewing the same styles , but at my age I sort of know what suits me and now I have patterns which create a good fit, it just has to be! 

Anyway, I went for a wool blend fabric from Sew Fabrics in Darlington indoor market and Simplicity 1609.

I really didn’t have time to photograph it on the day so here are some shots I took today along with the Christmas decorations! 

I used a side zip and forgot (see, it is so long since I made one!!) that I usually cut the front and back pieces on the fold! So I had to sew the back seam and as it is slightly shaped the flowers don’t match up. I do think it’s a better fit than when I do it on the fold….there is a lesson there!

Fabric: 1.3m wool blend – ยฃ15 per metre

Pattern: Simplicity1609

Notions: 8inch side zip, bias binding

Wonky Factor:10/10 I really love it. It’s a great fit and the fabric feels gorgeous to wear.

Amanda ๐Ÿ’