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Well, I always wondered what losing your sewing mojo was all about…….and over the Summer I didn’t sew anything except for my sister a lace cover-up for her pool holiday.

I bought all sorts of fabric and numerous patterns in the hope of inspiring some sewing and it just didn’t happen …….until I got back to school and one of my lovely colleagues bought me a metre of fabric during a back packing holiday across India. I was so pleased she had bought me it and managed to travel so far with extra baggage!


Yes, of course…The Lottie had to get me back into my sewing! Instead of making a full tie bow- I didn’t have enough fabric- I made it shorter and it just knots. I think this one of the best fits I have sewn . The fabric was beautiful to sew together and iron too!




Neela bought me some beautiful fabric too at our meet up so I need to get on with that!

And the best news…….



Here she is giving a little wave in her shadow.

Hope to see you soon with more sewing! We are up to 1,000 views on the videoย – so feel free to share even more!

Amanda ๐Ÿ’