At last……a completely different pattern for me! A SKIRT! 

When I bought the fabric for The Cuba I also noticed this amazing Vespa fabric and so had to buy it with the plan of another summer dress. Until………..I spotted this pattern in my box shouting that it needed to be made into a bow skirt! 

It is another Simple Sew pattern and has an attached bow, I was a little dubious about this as you should not really draw attention to the parts of your body you would prefer to hide. I knew I could go with out the bow if necessary though, or as I found out it looks much nicer on the front! 

When I mentioned in a blog comment that I had Vespa fabric the reply was to make sure it was a Sew Deputy Roman Holiday……..! 


The skirt is cut in all one piece and is a gorgeous tulip shape. I can’t tell you how many people I work with wanted me to make one! 

Obviously with a Roman Holiday theme I had to have a scooter and my 22year old son mentioned a while ago he was never featured on my blog! 

So…here is Sew Deputy’s Roman holiday!

I have to tell you how it was one of the funniest times taking the photos! Blog Manager was on top form with the family  event, however my son said: 

We are still laughing about it now! Anyway, must dash!! 

Pattern: Simple Sew Bow Skirt– I can’t find my exact pattern but these free downloads look good! 

Fabric: 1.3 metres of Vespa fabric from Sew Fabrics

Wonky Factor: 10/10 I love it! It gets lots of compliments and the photo shoot was the best ever!! Maybe I should get 9/10 as I thought Cary Grant was lead and he turned it down so it was Gregory Peck! 

Amanda 💝