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I keep on sewing the Simplicity Jiffy 1609 as I love the fit and when I have some gorgeous fabric that needs to be shown off…it’s perfect! 

I am really pleased I live fairly close to The Sew Cafe and it’s now becoming a little habit to call in on my way to the Metro Centre (our closest shopping centre)  in the holidays. Jean, the owner, has an expert eye for beautiful fabric. 


So when I went to visit in May half term this was what I purchased. There was a sewing class on so I had a good look at what they were all up to for inspiration!

Jean’s daughter was sewing the flamingo fabric into some cushions for her deckchairs, so I think I may need to go for a barbecue and blend in!!! 


I did have a coral cardigan to wear with it but it really took away the impact of the flamingoes. It is a gorgeous fabric to wear and it feels like my Sunday best!
I always sew my bow on with my sewing machine as they can very easily detach with my hand stitching! Here is how I do it…I pin it on where I want it to be and then just do some stitching inside.

 I used interfacing in this bow as once my dresses have been washed the bows seem to go quite flimsy. I used a light weight interfacing so hopefully this will work well, if it is too heavy the bows are too rigid.

I think this is a great pattern and I love to see what my fellow  1609 enthusiast Emma Jayne at Clipped Curves creates, she has just made a great version covered in glasses.

Pattern: Simplicity 1609

Fabric: 1.3 metres of flamingo fabric

Wonky Factor: 10/10 I ❤️ it! 

Amanda 💝