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I am very fortunate to be a White Tree Fabrics blogger and have become great friends with Lisa. I was delighted if she asked if I would make a dress from the Eliza M patterns and use their new range of fabrics. Ermmmm? Did I need to think twice!?! I was whooping for joy, let me tell you…especially as the last cotton dress I made was The Rosie and Jim and that was so popular they sold out!! (I like to think it was all my doing!!! Haha, ok, ok maybe not!) The only downside was knowing which pattern to choose! 

Eliza M has a whole range of vintage style dresses and in the end I went for the Daisy Dress and some blue floral fabric. As you know, I love my Ruby dresses and the circle skirt is always a winner in my eyes. I mean…..you can twirl and twirl all day long! 

The Eliza M pattern was great for a beginner and a lovely Sunday afternoon sew. The side seams are sewn last, so I put the dress on my mannequin inside out and pinned it to the exact size. I think I could have made it slightly smaller too, but it is a very comfortable fit. I added a blue patent belt to the finished dress. 


As it is called the Daisy dress….what song was continually in my head as I was sewing??

So, it had to be a bike themed photo shoot! It didn’t seem to matter that the tyres are flat and that I am wondering if I ever could ride a bike!?! The BM (Blog Manager ) did a good job. I still had to add some twirling photos as it is such a great twirling dress. I am going to sew myself a circle skirt using the pattern – multi-use pattern for sure! 



As it is such a long time since I had my own bike (see above photo) the BM decided to go for the 1970s look and used the ‘instant’ setting on the camera.


I know I often comment on how I am bossed about by the Blog Manager, but here is a behind the scenes shot…….she must get that bossiness from somewhere!?!?  


Pattern: Eliza M Daisy Dress

Fabric: Eliza M and White Tree Fabrics dress kit- cotton fabric(of your choice), Eliza M pattern and a zip for £20

Wonky Factor: 2/10 for bike riding and 8/10 for my sewing! I needed another 1cm off each side seam perhaps and I needed to make my zip go a little higher.

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Happy spending! Now which Eliza M next……? I love the trousers and blouson style top!!???

Amanda 💝