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I tried a new pattern!! It was the pattern in June’s edition of Love Sewing magazine and as I really love the look of a Bardot neckline I decided to have a try. The Bardot dress.

I’d seen this beautiful dress on google images…..

I loved the contrast of the black and white and the lovely neckline.

 I managed to find some fabric from the Market Man’s indoor market stall in Stockton and although not quite what I was looking for decided it would be just right for a statement dress!

I already had the stylish belt….I have quite a few belts hidden in the belt drawer which need some dresses sewing to wear with them! Hmmmm, that’s a new excuse for sewing dresses!

As a work in progress everything seemed fine. The skirt has pleats in it,  which were the right size to fit the bodice and it was quite an easy make. The neckline is created with the sleeves and once I had sewn  them in  I knew they weren’t quite the Bardot neckline I was hoping for. When I tried the dress on, it definitely wasn’t my vision! 

And the problem?? My mannequin has no arms!!!! I couldn’t fit the neckline on myself! I  had too far too much fabric in the sleeves and the neckline. To try to create the Bardot neck I started pinning  the seams of the sleeves where  they meet the bodice to take some of the excess fabric away , whilst wearing it! It just wouldn’t go to plan and I knew the dress was going to be a non-wearer if I carried on. 

So…….I sewed a small hem  around the whole neckline from back zip to back zip and added some very thin elastic. I machine stitched the elastic ends down to avoid any undoing and ta da….. a very wearable dress (without a Bardot neckline!) But, certainly a new and different style for me! 


I wore it with black shoes for the garden centre photo shoot , but actually had these gorgeous black and white shoes in mind to wear with the dress.


Here is a close up of the new Sew Deputy Bardot neckline! With a necklace BM once made for me for a Mother’s Day gift. It’s nice to have a dress that it matches perfectly. 

I am actually really happy with how it turned out and although I still need to sew a dress with an actual  Bardot neckline!  I think this one is more suitable for an everyday style for me, but I would like one for holidays or evenings out. 

I decided a nice yellow flower or plant would complement the dress so a quick visit to the garden centre seemed a good plan until……….

Yes, once again BM (Blog Manager) decided enough was enough and the taking of photographs  gets worse everytime!

Here I am with my lovely co-ordinating plants……but look what is in the background! A group of people!!! Humiliation or what?

BM is obviously not taking well to my themed shoots- but giving me great amusement! 

Pattern: The Bardot Dress Simple Sew 

Fabric: 1.5 metres of striped 45inch cotton

1 metre of black cotton, thread, 1m of thin elastic

Wonky factor: 4/10 it’s very wonky this time as it is nothing like the pattern but I have to say  9/10 for wearability and I really like it ! It’s completely different to my usual makes. 

Amanda 💝