My Mam has always been my number one sewing fan and the first thing she does when she calls for her tea on a Saturday night is head over to Janibob the mannequin to see what she is wearing! 

Of course just lately it has been a Lottie, a Lottie, a Lottie or a Lottie! 

Dare I confess I still have one to blog about!?! 

So, of course Mam decided that in our family she was the true pussy bow blouse instigator- as she used to wear them all the time when I was a little girl. She definitely needed one as well, so we had a good look at the cottons that White Tree Fabrics have started to sell , and decided on this one.  I used my 20% off code : SEWDEPUTY

It is there for you to use so help yourself….and free P & P if you are in the UK too.

This is a beautiful fabric to sew and wear… ( also Mam has worn it three times in a week and can verify that it washes and dries very quickly and well!)




 I put tiny pleats in the sleeves instead of gathering as I was making it so quickly……I had to get it finished before she came for her tea, so she could take it on her mini break to the Peak District! 

And of course Blog Manager was back on top form ! 

The POSING shots…..

  My Mam loves being on my blog!  

It was a definite success and guess what…….

I just had to order Some more of  this!!!!

Fabric: 1 metre from White Tree Fabrics £6.50 with 20% off-  if you would like to use my code: SEWDEPUTY at the checkout.

Notions: thread

Wonky Factor:10/10 she is very happy with it! 

And I had to sew late into the night to make her new blouses so she could wear them on her mini break to Scarborough! 

Amanda 💝