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i applied for a job…… And didn’t even get an interview! 

Once I had handed my application in I wondered what to wear. As there was only one weekend between the closing date and interview I was on a mission to make a dress just in case!!!  I  knew I needed a nice dress to wear if I did get an interview…But I couldn’t get away with wear ing it with  a cardigan I decided. So I hunted out my nice jacket from Next …called on the Darlington Market Man, who managed to use his knowledge and expertise to find this beautiful fabric for a dress. 

I went for the trusty Simplicity 1609 so it would be a quick make and a good fit. Also one that I could definitely wear up during the summer term-just in case

I didn’t get an interview! That just serves me right!! 

However, on the day of the interview I didn’t get invited to, I thought I might as well wear it! Yes, you knew this was going to end badly didn’t you……pride before a fall and all that!!?? !!!


Pattern: Simplicity 1609

Fabric: 2metres of cotton £10

Notions: 7inch concealed zip

Wonky Factor: 1/10 I didn’t get an interview and I fell down a hole!!!! It just can’t score highly!! The moral of the post has to be…….don’t make a dress for an interview that you haven’t actually got! On the other hand……maybe it was an excuse for a new dress!!! Oh,  and I am going to be getting some feedback on my application so I can wear it then!! 

But here is some nice news…..🎂🎉🎂Happy Birthday Sew Deputy 🎂🎉🎂

Amanda 💝