I bought this beautiful French fabric at the Knitting and Stitching show in March.


I decided on a shift dress to show off the beautiful pictures of 1920s style ladies. The fabric was bought from a couple from France . They had designed and made it themselves. They had some beautiful designs, you could even get the ladies on fat quarters to make a quilt! How gorgeous would that be? The fabric was very wide so I just bought one metre.

Having made this pattern a few times, I happily cut it out and sewed the darts before pinning it on the mannequin and realised it was far too big- the measurements were from last Summer. (Before the 10,000 steps a day new year resolution!!)

I decided to add a few new design features and so it now has the tiniest pleats on the front and the back neck! 


As I knew I was going to visit my friend Janice in Leeds I  requested a visit to the Art Gallery cafe for blog photos. My parents had been a few months ago and I had loved the photos my Dad taken in there, so I knew this would be a great venue to show off my dress. 

And why The Louvre? It is written in one of the pictures on the dress and seeing as it is an art gallery and I was in an art gallery- it seemed appropriate!

   It is a beautiful building with tiles on the walls and stairs and floors. The background of my photo collages are the tiles in the cafe.


 The Art Gallery is the most beautiful building and I hope my photos show off the intricate tiles and surroundings. Here we are waiting for our lunch!

  When I sat down  at a table a lady called over to ask where my dress was from! She was really impressed when I said I had made it myself! 

Outside the art gallery was a great exhibition of Britain from the air , so here are a few shots of that. They were amazing to look at.


After lunch we had a wander around the shops and into the market for a look at the fabric stall- B and M fabrics.

My Grandma used to take me here when I was a little girl, and when I started sewing again I went to hunt it down and like a homing pigeon went straight to it…! They have also just opened a shop on the outside of the market. Yes, yes, I got some fabric!  


Janice bought me two metres as she is hoping to see a Ted Baker style creation for £8!!!


I have been searching for a magnolia print after seeing a beautiful Hobbs dress I would like! Fingers crossed!

And you may be wondering what the blog manager has been up to during the visit to Leeds!?!

  Pattern: New Look 6145
Fabric: 1 metre from The Knitting and Stitching Show £17.50 (Ile etait une fois )

Notions: 20inch zip from stash. I usually use concealed zips now as I can usually sew them in much neater, however, I am very pleased with how this turned out!

Wonky factor: 7/10 as it is still too big around my middle but my nice cardigan manages to pull it in! 

And Janice always has a little gift for me! Wherever she travels she finds something for me! I am so lucky-she is a great friend to have.Thank you Janice! 


Amanda 💝