At the Dewsbury meet up with The Yorkshire Spoolettes I  bought some fabric and some matching lace trims. I just see lace and have to buy it! 

I had bought the trims first and then rushed to buy matching fabric. I really was tempted to do another Lottie, but I knew you would be so bored…


I decided to use a vintage pattern a friend had found for me, but instead of buttons I decided to make it a slip over my head. I wanted sleeveless as i had got a new cardigan for a Easter!  I do love the little details in the vintage patterns. This has darts in the back neck which always gives me a nicer fit.



I had originally planned a button up front and a collar- the lilac blouse on the pattern. I even cut out the Peter Pan collar, but then decided the lace would look better around the neck and not the bottom hem. 

I always thought vintage patterns were very small and I cut out my size but ended up taking in the side seams by about two inches (each side !) and I removed the slit sides. Obviously, removing the button front gave me lots of extra inches!


The weather here this week has been sunny and warm and nearing 20 degrees……it has been feeling like the Summer holidays!  I think the Blog Manager brought it home from Rome!


Sadly, I did not notice that the fabric is probably seconds- it was £4 a metre, so perhaps I should have been looking a little more closely. It reminded me of Paul Smith shirting and I only  noticed the faded shapes, and ink marks  as I sewed it up!  Thankfully my new glasses arrive today!

I don’t think you will notice especially with my cardigan on.


Despite the few problems , I am just so happy with how it looks. It is just so pretty!

I can’t help it….everytime I sew I have to add lace or bows.

Oh, and how is the blog manager today!?!

Taking selfies!


Pattern: Vintage McCalls 7736– when I googled this a few came up on Etsy!!

Fabric: 1 metre of cotton-£4

Notions: 1 yard of lace trim- £1

Wonky Factor: two scores today- 

  1. 10/10 for perfect sewing and fit! Modest I know, but it is so pretty.
  2. 4/10 for choice of fabric and trim! Why can’t I remember to only buy expensive fabric when I take such care over the sewing? 

Amanda 💝