I had a brilliant day out at the Yorkshire Spoolettes Meet-Up , thanks to Thimberlina!


Look at our lovely picture for our blogs! 

Ali arranged a meet up for us in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire where there are lots of fabric shops and market stalls full of trims!!! After a coffee we had a walk around the market and visited some of the fabric shops.

You can read more about it  from Ali here. I have always read blog posts of meet ups with great envy and now we finally have a local one. Ali was so organised- we even had a little map and car park charges. If Dewsbury ever needs a Tourism Officer she’s your girl!! 



After coffee and a big chat we headed to the shops. 

There was 15 of us altogether and Ali kept doing a head count!


Look at all the bags of fabric!!

I have such a talented Blog Manager, I did think the others were a little envious! So I shared her during the meet up!!


You probably want to know what I bought!?!


I bought two metres of fabric and £7 of trim! 

I am going to write a whole blog post about The Thimberlina- what else could it be called??? But here is a taster……


Check out my blog tomorrow for more on The Thimberlina.

Amanda 💝