I do like a shift dress and the Simplicity 1609 pattern I have is a good dress shape. It has lovely big side darts to make it more shaped than a usual shift dress. I also made The Lawn Bow and added a bow to the neckline, this time it is a lace trim.


I called it The Abbey as when I wore it to school today it was quite like our school uniform! As most of the Y6 children are now my height and I blended in quite well! 


I made this dress ages ago but it was a UFO, as one of the bust darts had a slight bubble in it that I never got round to  re-sewing. It took me 5 minutes!!! 

It is very comfortable to wear, however, I have been conscientiously walking 10,000 steps every day since Christmas, and it  means my dress is now quite big and if I take in the side seams it will lose it’s symmetry! I don’t even need the beautifully inserted side zip!!


Here  are more shots of the dress on a beautiful Spring morning….it was cold and raining by lunchtime! 



My favourite part is the beautiful white trim from Fabric Trims. I also bought The Ripley  trim from here.




Pattern: Simplicity 1609

Notions: kilt pin, fabric trim, 9inch side zip.

Wonky factor: 8/10 it’s not at all wonky …just far too big on my waist! 

Amanda 💝