Well……Quarterfinal day arrived! Would I see it to the semi finals!?! 

First up was a boned bodice. I decided on a navy blue brocade and did my very best sewing ! 

Unfortunately, the bias binding in the haberdashery just was not right! It was the wrong shade of navy and I just felt it would really spoil my beautiful sewing! I decided to make my own! Have a look at my sewing…..I just needed  half an hour to get that bias on and it would be beautiful……oh and add the ringlet!! 

I just could not manage to let the perfectionist sewing in me go! Even in a competition! 

Next up was a structured power suit to refashion.

I had great fun with Claudia as we discussed the pockets as epaulettes! 

But it wasn’t what Patrick and May wanted…..again!

All I could do after this was laugh and laugh and laugh….in my head I could just see my Tom at the Christmas dinner table! 

Finally …..a kilt! Actually….our interpretation of a kilt. I went for The Linton made from Linton Tweed, with diamanté buckles and flower kilt pin.

Neil’s kilt was the most amazing sewing I have ever seen! Well done to him!

I really liked my kilt  too but knew my time had come to leave #GBSB….

I was so happy to leave with Ryan. He is amazing and I know he will achieve his ambitions. Good luck Ryan.

I was soooo happy with the comments lovely May made about me. She said she would miss my bubbly personality. My Mum and Dad were really proud about this! Haha, I think they think they have done a good job now! 

Lisa at WT Fabrics made the obligatory Best Bits collage for me.

Plus a bonus…best bits….

Thanks Lisa, she also blogs here.

Most  dedicated fan……….? Ouch! 

And lovely Lauren (@StoryLauren) made me another picture!

What else happened this week? 

I was in our local paper once again, with a brilliant article. I have had such amazing support from the people in the North East.  Read the full article here.

The children took my eviction very well! Just one little boy in Foundation Stage (aged 4) crying when I was named! 

I sat with a Y1 (aged 5 ) little girl on Thursday lunchtime. She said to me…..” Miss Gledhill, are you in the Sewing Bee tonight?”

“Yes” I said “are you going to watch it?”

“Yes” she said “are you going after school?” Awwwwww!

So, that’s it folks! I have really loved being a tv star(!)  and it has been a great and very uplifting experience. I hope everyone will want to sew now! 

Thank you for your support! 

Amanda 🐝