As I now have my very own handmade wardrobe I thought a birthday week post was a good way to revisit some of my makes. I have lots of lovely new followers…thank you…..and they may have missed the original posts! 

If you are a teacher you will know how easy it is to celebrate your birthday for a full week when it falls in half term!
So even though my 47th birthday was on Monday 16th February, it actually started on Sunday 15th with lunch out with my family in York. We had lunch at La Veccecia and then a beautiful birthday cake at my sisters house! I wore The Linton

I always wear this for ‘best’! As it is made from Linton Tweed, who supply the best fashion houses in the world and are only an hour away from my house! 

My sister ALWAYS spoils me! 

Annice bought some new sunglasses for her school visit to Rome, so they were very popular at the dinner table! 

On my birthday I met Janice ( who started this return to sewing when she and her husband bought me Janibob the mannequin) in Betty’s, Harrogate. I have already mentioned Bettys to you. But if you are ever visiting the North of England it is well worth a visit! 


I wore my Lace Coat dress. I made this for a blog post for WT Fabrics. I get to choose the fabric I would like to make for a blog post for…….free if I do a blog post. Perfect! Lisa is my link with WT fabrics and I think she has been my biggest fan! We have become really good friends too…abit like old fashioned pen pals by email!  

And the good news? I have a code for you to use at WT Fabrics….20% off and free P&P: SEWDEPUTY.

On Tuesday I had an exciting meet up….a college friend got in touch with me again after seeing me on #GBSB. As she lives quite close to me we met for tea and I wore my Eiffel Tower blouse.

On Thursday I wore my lace trench coat and The Poppy to go to Star Radio for a breakfast interview.

On Friday I took my Mum and Dad to  Betty’s for moring coffee and saw my second  fan! I wore The Petersham. My Mam was wearing her Ripley dress.

I had a great birthday week and hope you have enjoyed seeing the original posts of the clothes I am wearing. 

Amanda 💝