I had another busy and exciting week! The highlight being a live interview at my local radio station… STAR RADIO

IMG_3092 I had a chat with Anth and Ruth about the programme on air and then got a photo opportunity. When I went in the studio the first thing Ruth said was…” I love your coat”. I had worn my lace trench coat because when I was interviewed for the news the week before, I was telling her all about it.

IMG_3149 I absolutely loved Episode 3 it was so funny.

IMG_3171 First up…..

IMG_3254 I really thought I would get extra credit for using the original bias binding foot! Bad move!

I love May’s face when I confessed to the flappy bias!
IMG_3255 And my response to the comments on the judging

IMG_3256 Next challenge…


Finally, The Grace ….


IMG_3169 My favourite part of the episode…

IMG_3147 I had some great support from social media this week…

IMG_3252 and look at this amazing drawing…. by Lauren @StoryLauren. Thanks Lauren!


Do you remember Jenni from the other series 2? Jenni now has her own column/ blog for Sew Magazine and she is very supportive! Thanks Jenni! Here is her latest update

 Jenni’s Blog is here!.

And I am in the book! Available now!

IMG_3220 Lisa at WT made the ‘Best Bits’ collage……. Thanks Lisa! And well done for managing to put an audio of me singing along with Claudia on Twitter!

And a fan photo…. the Manager in Betty’s!
IMG_3167 Are you waiting for Episode 4….. tomorrow BBC2 at 8pm…here is a sneak peak! 

Wonky Factor: 8/8 and 3/8 not bad! And my pink coat was in quite a few shots! 

 Gets me into The QUARTERFINALS!!