I really hope you managed to watch Episode One of the GBSB!
We had a really special event here…..a surprise viewing party for me!
My lovely son took me out for my tea to a lovely restaurant and he paid! When I got home all my family and friends were here waiting….I spotted their cars and came running in the house….

Here we all are in a panorama except for Megan who was taking the photo!


We really loved watching it, although we could not hear very well due to wooing and cheering every time I came in the shot! I needed to watch the repeat!
Lisa at White Tree Fabrics made me a lovely collage…

The best tweet of the night…..

On Friday I had a wonderful moment at school…a class were all lined up to go to lunch and when they saw me they all started clapping and cheering! It was so lovely! Made my day! They are so excited I am in Episode 2!
I had a telephone interview with my local paper:

Here is the radio interview shot from last weekend!

And finally a photo with a fan……

Does it count that I know her!?! Hahaha, thanks Helen for pretending!
Wonky Factor 3/10 and 7/10 for episode one!
Amanda 🐝