Last week I showed you the 1920s/1930s inspired evening dress I made for a birthday party at Ripley Castle near Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

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The Ripley
I used one of my favourite patterns The Anna Dress.
The party was lovely and everyone was very excited that The Sewing Bee was due to air in the coming week.
The usual Blog Photographer was not at the party, so I had to call upon Matty ( click on his name to see what I sewed for him…so he had no choice really!) to get some photos to show you The Ripley at Ripley!



My mum and Dad were also invited to the party, so when someone donated some beautiful vintage fabric to me just after Christmas (that matched the bag I had sewn for mum for Christmas) I decided to make her a dress!
When Mum first saw it she was not very impressed and the fit was not too good. I was really disappointed and chucked it on a chair to finish later! I did finish it and the next week when she tried it on she was so thrilled! It fit perfectly and she was over the moon! “Oooo I need some more of these for the Summer” perhaps sums it up! I must remember that my sewing vision is not always as clear to others in the making up stage!!
So here are my Mum and Dad, who are very proud of me this week!

Did you notice I managed to sneak a bow in!?!

Amanda 🐝