I have been invited to a very special birthday party of the friends who bought me my mannequin, so I felt it was only right I made a dress in their honour!
May I present…..THE RIPLEY!

I absolutely love it! The fabric was a donation from a friend’s mum, who did not want to use it! I knew I was going to use it as soon as I found this trim on Fabric Trims
I could not wait for it to arrive! I decided to make my old favourite The Anna Dress as I thought the maxi length with a thigh slit would be perfect for this dress.
I love to wear the Anna dresses I have made so I knew it would be nice to wear.


The Liberty Anna

The Birthday Anna

The Dorchester

Obviously as soon as the trim arrived I was pinning it in place to get a taster of the final product….I waste so much time doing this!


I took great care with the sewing and got all the seams matched up carefully…I am sure it will be inspected closely at the party!


My stylist (aged 15yrs!!) was happy to do my hair in a Ripley Braid as a trial run for the event and I am going to wear my faux fur too as it is January and we are in the North East!




Pattern: The Anna Dress, By Hand London
Fabric: a donation from Mrs Gibbs
Trim: £2.73 from Fabric Trims
Wonky Factor….10/10 it is just perfect! Yippeeeee!
I hope to get some more photos of the party. You do need to see the The Ripley at Ripley Castle!
Amanda 💝