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We have started to spend a few days with my brother at Christmas and he lives in Richmond. It is the most beautiful place to live and visit.
Our yearly treat is to stay in a lovely hotel whilst we are there.
The Petersham
Look at our breakfast!


Obviously it needed a dress named after it!


I bought these beautiful shoes…from Top Shop a little while ago


and then found this lace on White Tree Fabrics. It seemed a perfect match. I knew in my head the style of dress I wanted and knew it had to be quite plain to make the sleeves noticeable. The lace is beautiful and I couldn’t resist a bow once again!!! This is the same as The Lawn Bow I made in June.
It is from Simplicity 1609
I have made lots of circle style dresses recently , you will already know this if you have been following my blog in the last few months, and so knew I needed to diversify a little!




I love the dress style, however, because I wanted to make the dress to take to my brothers I had to get the only burgundy fabric in the shop near where I live and it is actually quite cheap and nasty! It felt fine in the shop,however, it is polyester and frayed like crazy as I sewed and it is very static.
Despite all the negatives I did manage to wear it though!


I had already learned this valuable lesson….if you are going to put lots of effort in then buy good quality! It was the pull of my ideas made me hasty!
Pattern : Simplicity 1609
Fabric: burgundy polyester from Boyes
Lace sleeves are beautiful lace from White Tree Fabrics
Wonky Factor: 4/10 bad choice of fabric for the dress when I had beautiful fabric for the sleeves and a gorgeous zip!
But making up for that….looked who called in at my brother’s new flat!

Amanda 💝