A friend asked me for a homemade contribution to the Brownie Christmas Fair. The quickest and easiest item I could think of was some napkins for the Christmas dinner table.
I used a metre of craft cotton cut into 16 equal pieces.
I sewed 2 squares together right sides facing and left a small gap to turn through. The fabric did not have a pattern on one side so felt they would look much nicer.
I snipped the corners too so I could get them nice and pointy once they were the right side.
I sewed around the napkins with a 1cm edge in gold thread.
Funnily enough, I now have to make my friend and her Mum some for their dinner tables!!

I also made some lovely Stockings as gifts for little people. This stocking was for a brand new baby boy…so I made is as frilly as I could get away with for his first Christmas.

I also made this for Lisa’s Disney loving little boy! Lisa is my link at White Tree Fabrics , she is always so positive about my sewing…she makes me feel great! Do you have someone who always makes you feel like you are the best sewist ever? It makes such a difference!

At work someone had made some beautiful angels to sell but when I enquired if I could buy one I was told she was too busy to make any more…..I got Annice on the hunt on the internet and managed to find some instructions. It was so easy to make them and they are such lovely gifts I have been busy making them for everyone!
Who doesn’t want one of these on their shelf at Christmas?



I love making Christmas gifts!
Amanda 💝