Vogue 8241, White Tree Fabrics and Sew Deputy

Pin the lace to the bodice lining, right sides together. Use pins to mark where you need to sew around armholes and neckline.

Sew with the machine, trim seam and then under stitch in to the lining as far as possible.



Follow steps 6 and 7. I loved sewing this part. It was a great sewing moment when you say…”ahhh! I get it now!



The bodice is so neat and precise! The back matches perfectly too. It is the pulling through the shoulder seams that seem to give it that perfect look!

Finally …….the skirt next time. It does say it is a ‘Very Easy Vogue’ pattern and I am inclined to agree with that! Simple but perfect so far!
Christmas Party Dress Kit HERE
Amanda 💝