Another Simple Sew Ruby and gorgeous Gaberchino from Calico Laine. I get a 20% discount on my fabric if I do a blog post on my makes and this gaberchino is great to sew and to wear. I also made The Howe with this fabric. IMG_1938.JPG
I used the Simple Sew Ruby pattern but instead of a V back I cut higher up and hoped for the best! It doesn’t look too bad if I keep moving!! And it is a lovely circle skirt so it is just right to do so!


My lovely Mam pointed out that perhaps my blog was just going to be full of twirling photos! I think she may be right!

The lace is from my stash . I bought a metre just because it was so beautiful but never had the right fabric to use it on. When this fabric arrived I knew it was going to be a perfect addition. I hand sewed it on around the middle. I used a 9inch side zip and bias binding on the hem. I decided some decorative stitching on my new machine would be perfect for the hem .

Other than that I kept it very simple and hopefully very elegant! I feel like an Irish dancer!!
Pattern: Simple Sew Ruby…..pattern hacked!
Fabric: 2 m of Gaberchino from Calico Laine
Notions:3 m of bias binding for the neck, arms and hem, 1 m of cotton lace, 9inch concealed zip
Wonkiness: 7/10. The back looks a little baggy around the back neck and then perhaps too tight further down. I also had issues with the front darts from the waist upwards. I had to hand stitch them again when it was too far on to sew with the machine ( I had sewn on the lace!!) . So they are not as neat as I would like. It feels really nice to wear though!

Amanda 💝