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I am so happy to be a WhiteTreeFabric blogger as they send me the best fabric I have ever sewn with. It has made me realise that the best results are from beautiful fabric.
So I decided to make a little gift for Lisa who does all the organising and has a little boy who loves Mickey Mouse! Lisa is always so complimentary about my sewing that she makes me want to sew more!
I used Simplicity 1413 and did my best sewing as it was for someone else!

I have to admit that I had already made him a jacket with a pattern I already had but it was tooooooo girly! And knew I could not send it!

So what started out as a lovely kind thought seemed to keep going wrong! Anyway, I sewed the shirt carefully and neatly and decided to put some metal poppers on it to fit with the denim theme! I bought the poppers and could not get them on the shirt. I was hammering and hammering like the instructions said and it just did not work!
So I decided it had to be buttonholes…..on the day my 35 year old machine finally gave up! The new one I bought needed to do buttonholes and auto threading and decorative stitches!

It does!
I practised and practised with the buttonholes and became quite the expert! Enough to sew on the shirt………they all went so well until I sewed the buttons on and looked at the shirt! Oh my! Disaster! I had gone mad with buttonholes……and the last one was not spaced correctly.
I was so upset! I couldn’t think how to remedy the shirt and put it in the cupboard. I decided Lisa was just not meant to get a new shirt for Sam!
I emailed to tell her I had tried to make it but it was a disaster and she was soooooo delighted I had gone to the trouble she wanted it anyway.
I put my thinking head on and finally came up with an avant garde idea….a wonky Mickey Mouse in the front!
A perfect gift from a wonky stitcher!
Do you know what?? I am really pleased with it! I think Sam will like it too….and if not , I am sure the sticker book will make up for it!


So the lesson is…..sometimes you just need some thinking time and there may be an answer to some wonky sewing!
Pattern: simplicity 1413
Notions : 1 metre denim chambray , 5 buttons, interfacing for collar, black felt.
Wonkiness: 3/10 I have been making this for so long it can’t score highly. But I suppose I did make a jacket for my niece in the process! I am now good at buttonholes but need to practise my measuring and spacing!
Amanda 💝