Lucie did a great Blog Hop so here is hoping I can do her proud as she nominated me!

I never imagined myself being a blogger although ICT in primary school has been my way up the career path, so I suppose it was inevitable that at some point I would start a blog.

I really like being able to blog about what I make as everyone is always so positive and inspiring. When I first started blogging I felt like I really wasn’t very good at sewing -nothing fitted properly or had some wonkiness to it. Through blogging my makes, I have really become much  more confident in my skills and although it started off as a record of what I make, it really has improved me!

I love to see what everyone else has made too, and it was great when I started my BEST EVER MAKE (the Lace Trench Coat) and at the same time Rach was also sewing herself one and so I got to see how it went together… I wonder if she knows it’s all down to her!?!

So here we go….


As a White Tree blogger I get free fabric and patterns to make up and then blog about.

So when I heard they were selling Tilly and the Buttons patterns I asked if I could do a Mathilde blouse in white lace.

I am very pleased with it so far, although as always the lace manages to hide lots of wonky bits!! It also stretches and so I have still put buttons on the back but they don’t open as it goes over my head!

I have just finished my Laine Bow Trench (2nd best make) as I also blog for Calico Laine (I get 20%off my fabric and free P&P) and such a grand coat needed a grand dress….. so with a little fabric from Linton Tweeds ( who supply Chanel) I made a beautiful shift dress!

How does your writing process work?

This is definitely making me think! I tend to write as I speak and sometimes it makes little sense to anyone else except me! If I am all excited about my sewing it ends up all garbled and I think my blog posts are pretty similar!

I keep trying to improve my posts, but my house is really dark for photos, and I have even tried a sew along for my coat but even I got bored with that-imagine having to read it!!

I like to think my Blog is in the evolving stage…I sometimes feel like it is full of my showing off and that is not really how I wanted it to be! I was hoping to inspire others to sew and improve along with me!

I am going to nominate Rach from Is It Fitting as she was there with me right at the beginning and

Theresa from Navy Blue Threads I only just found Theresa but I feel like we have a similar style and out look!

Thanks for reading!