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The Pocket Flaps
This is the part of the Trenchcoat which I love to sew. The pattern (Burda7236) has lots of details on it which am hoping will give it that professional touch!
First job though was to sew all the darts and tie off the ends. Give them a good press.
Interface the pocket flaps.

And then stitch them together using the 1.5 cm seam allowance. When I got to the corners I turned the wheel on the machine so I didn’t go too fast!

I trimmed the allowances to 0.5 and spiked the corners . The gaberdine is quite thick so I wanted less fabric and so was quite brutal!


I turned the flaps through and gave them a press and then it was top stitching time!! The gaberdine shows off every stitch! And making this has made me realise WHY I love lace…..it hides all the imperfections in my wonky sewing! But not gaberdine…..


I zig zagged the top of them together to hold them flat for the next stage.
I am very pleased with how they look so far!
Next job will be to sew them on to the fronts.
Pattern: 7236
Fabric: 3m of gaberdine from Calico Laine
Notions so far: iron on interfacing, navy thread
Wonkiness of sewing: 9/10
Other thoughts: showing ‘how to’ with navy fabric and a dark Victorian house was not such a good idea!