Simplicity Amazing Fit 1696 was one of my UFOs! I started them at Easter deciding I needed to challenge myself with a fly zip pair of trousers. I had only ever made elasticated pyjama bottoms and so thought it would be a good thing to learn.

I chose the pattern as I had read good reviews of the Amazing Fit in Blog World and decided it may be a good start. Obviously I had to sew the curvy fit version!!

Trews 010

It was initially a great sew…. I love sewing when you are not quite sure what you are doing and then suddenly…TA DA……you have constructed an amazing pocket or fly zipper.

Trews 002


It all went well until I got to the waistband, which was in two pieces ( the seam was at the top of the waistband) and suddenly one piece was not going to fit the piece that was already stitched to the trousers. It was suddenly that thought of unpicking and re-cutting that made me stuff them in a bag and forget they were there. Except, you never quite do. They are always somewhere in my head when I start on something new- ‘what about the trousers?’

So today, I decided to finish the unfinished. A fresh start. I wondered why I needed a waistband that wide anyway?

I decided to  just fold it over and it was complete!

Trews 012

A little bit of hemming, and stitching in the ditch and they were good to go!

Trews 013

I couldn’t believe how well they fitted and had obviously forgotten that in the time since I stuffed them in the stash bag! It was the fear of not knowing how to put them right that had overtaken that!

I really enjoyed sewing in the zipper and the only lesson to learn was to make sure the waistband goes over a little more. A nice thin belt hides the slight mistake!

Trews 011

They are also quite short so I added bias tape to the hems and having never done this before can now see the appeal!

I am tempted to make more of these now as they are definitely a good, comfy fit. And after all, they were just the wearable muslin!

Pattern: Simplicity 1696

Fabric: Navy cotton

Notions: 7 inch zip, iron on interfacing, bias tape.