La Maison bleu 008

After the beautiful Mantilla Blouse last week, in beautiful fabric from WhiteTree Fabrics, and two disastrous makes from cheap fabric, I decided to see if using better quality fabric means my sewing is more successful….I used some 100% cotton which could possibly  be curtaining!! But I loved the print so much I decided to give it a go. it reminded me of some gorgeous Ted Baker dresses I had seen.

I also had a free pattern from Sew magazine- Simplicity K1609 and decided it would be a good style to use as I could keep the houses intact on the front and back.



I changed the pattern slightly by omitting the back seam and I added an invisible 9inch side zip…it went it very well…can you spot it?


The pattern also had facings, but due to only buying 1metre of the fabric I decided to make my OWN bias binding! I was recently shown how to make it and so put my new found skill to the test!I am very pleased with how it turned out. I used it on the armholes and the neck and then double stitched the hem.I also altered the neck on the dress, each pattern I use seems to be very baggy on my neck, so I unpicked the shoulder seams and played around with them until the neck was flat on Janibob (the mannequin!) The pattern does have small darts on the back of the neck which could be altered, however it was the front on mine I had the issue with.
This was a really quick dress to sew and I am really happy with it. I think this blue could be my favourite colour!

Fabric: 1 metre from CB Furnishings, Northallerton, UK– £11.95 GBP

9inch Invisible zip- £2.50 GBP