I love the elegant look and so when I found this gorgeous black wool I felt a classic style would be perfect. I had Burda 7043 in my pattern box and thought it would be good to use.




The brooch is a costume jewellery piece I once bought for my Grandma Lily. When she died at 95, my Mum gave me it and so this seemed a great dress to wear it with. The funny thing is the pearls keep dropping out and so I have to keep sticking them back on!
I haven’t lined it as I am now sewing how I want my dresses to be and I don’t like linings! The dress does not have a slit in the back so it is quite amusing watching me walk about in it!
photo 1
photo 2
I used a pearl bead to fasten the top of the dress to add some pearliness at the back!
photo 3
Fabric: 1 skirt length of black wool fabric
Pattern : Burda 7043
Notions: 20inch zip, pearl button
Cost: £10.20 plus pattern
Verdict: Gorgeous dress on my model but doesn’t look anywhere near as good on me!!! Is that a usual dressmakers comment I wonder?