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21sr dress 010
My son will be 21 in February and he is having a joint party with his girlfriend. They are very excited and we all have to be dressed up.
I chose this pattern as it reminded me of the Estee Lauder advert- but she has a navy one!
21sr dress 007
21sr dress 008
I bought my fabric back in November from Clothspot
It arrived beautifully wrapped.
But back to more of the chocolate orange now it is finished…..

21sr dress 009

21sr dress 010

21sr dress 011

21sr dress 012

21sr dress 013

21sr dress 014
It fits perfectly so I am very pleased with it, and of course the Christmas shoes and bag…..
21sr dress 015
Everything I make brown turns out perfectly…..so it could be a brown blog from now on!
I will make sure I upload some photos from the party in February…. apparently I have to serve the food….. matching apron?????!!!