The Leeds dress is one of my favourite dresses and so I rushed to buy more fabric! It comes in a few different plain colours and is viscose and polyester. I haven’t lined any of my dresses as I prefer an under slip to wear with them. Own personal taste and all that!
I once saw a beautiful Hobbs dress with a scalloped hem and that was in my mind as I made ANOTHER shift dress!




I just went for plain 3/4 sleeves in this one as I wanted the hem to be the feature. I had originally planned for a pearl collar I had and never wore…….until it broke as I tried to fit it on the collar! I was worried it is all quite brown with the trench but the beads I have seemed to add some contrast

To make the scallop I cut the dress about 3 inches longer than it needed to be. I sewed the dress up as usual but left the back seam open so I could lay the dress in a long line. I ironed up the extra 3 inches (right sides together )and then added some iron on interfacing. I then measured the dress and decided on approximate sizes for the scallops. I found my slow cooker lid was exactly right. 6 and a 1/2 inches diameter. I drew around the lid with tailors chalk and then I sewed along the line and turned it back to the right way. I used bonda web strips to keep the scallop in place.
No photos as I did not think it would work!! But it did!