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The wrap and drape skirt which I made from the tutorial on The Sew Convert is finished.


The material is 100% cotton so I decided to make the drape attached and sewn to the skirt so it would stay in place.

I was trying to get lots of detail into this sewing so I had a go at lining it…. It feels like a bought one now! I also added details such as a button underneath so it looked more finished.

I also sewed around the pleats- I used my pattern from Floral Borders as I did not feel too confident in completely making up my skirt without a pattern.

However, using the pattern has led to the skirt being more of a hipster style!

I really enjoyed making this skirt and although I tried my best to be perfect(!!) ……. I joined my waist band thinking it would be hidden inside the ‘wrap’ and sewed it to the wrong end…… Leading to a few squiffy elephants!